Noodler’s Ink

noodlers-ink-041809I’ve been warned about seductive bottles of ink with labels that entice a purchase.  That is why I stick to, and love, Higgins Eternal black and sepia.  With the ocassional Dr. Martin’s bleedproof white on dark paper, walnut ink with its beautiful shading and water color or gouache I don’t stray too far.

But . . . . . I stumbled on Noodler’s Ink and decided I needed a bottle of Dragon’s Napalm, “The ONLY sepia shading carmine in the history of inks” and the bottle sports an awesome graphic on the label.  Watch out now.

Well, I purchased the Dragon’s Napalm and Bulletproof Black.  The bottle is so full, it surprised me.  The mecurachrome-like ink in my clear dappan dish looked watery.  Oh no, seduced. 

What a surprise and delight.  I used a Brause 3mm edged dip pen on Strathmore sketch practice paper and the ink flows like magic, holds the edge beautifully and shades in the pools.  Ahhhh!

But . . . . after three days the ink still smudges.  Hmmmmm!  Is it the paper, the ink?  I wrote Noodler’s to find out and will report when I get a response.  I’m trying out the black this weekend and hoping it flows as nice and is as waterproof and lightfast as they claim.  I’ll try a better grade paper too.

There are a bunch more juicy colors that I may have to try.  Check out for very descriptive content on their philosophy and products.



Altered Book Relay

My artpal, D, invited me to participate in an altered book relay a few years ago.  Although I am the only remote player, it has worked out really well.  They all live in Connecticut and I live in Nevada.  The group decides on a theme and format, then the books are worked in and exchanged about once a month.  It takes about a year to get your book back and they are so cool.  What fun to see everyone’s work.

This relay is “Color”.  The book I started is “Lime and Plum” on black paper.  This submission is in the “White” book.

I struggled with what to do and then it hit me.  The Beatles “White Album”.  But now what?  Well this is the result.  All the songs are there too.

This was a fun and portable project that took me back in time.  All the detailed penwork I used to do in the 70’s and the memories of concert posters of old (wow, are they “of old” already?).


Painted Paper Through the Printer

I penned this poem so many times over the past few weeks, that I can just sit and write it out.  So I did.  I wanted to share the poem with nieces, nephews and cousins.  That’s alot of writing.

I had painted pages left over from the Book of Hours and wondered if the Arches Text Laid would feed through the printer.  Five out of six went through just fine and I like the results.


Claudette’s Book of Hours

We made it!  The services were beautiful.  She filled the church, Our Lady of the Snows.  It was emotional, but we got inspiration to let her go.  I was a teary mess and did not want to let go of my beautiful balloon.  But I did.

Her Book of Hours was a great place for all to sign in.  I now plan to take it and put quotes and photos in for her children to put away and look at when they want to.

Making stuff is what I need to do.  My studio is a mess.  I will clean it later.  Now I just want to absorb myself in quotes that fit my wonderful sister-in-law and best friend.