Altered Book Relay

My artpal, D, invited me to participate in an altered book relay a few years ago.  Although I am the only remote player, it has worked out really well.  They all live in Connecticut and I live in Nevada.  The group decides on a theme and format, then the books are worked in and exchanged about once a month.  It takes about a year to get your book back and they are so cool.  What fun to see everyone’s work.

This relay is “Color”.  The book I started is “Lime and Plum” on black paper.  This submission is in the “White” book.

I struggled with what to do and then it hit me.  The Beatles “White Album”.  But now what?  Well this is the result.  All the songs are there too.

This was a fun and portable project that took me back in time.  All the detailed penwork I used to do in the 70’s and the memories of concert posters of old (wow, are they “of old” already?).



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