Noodler’s Ink

noodlers-ink-041809I’ve been warned about seductive bottles of ink with labels that entice a purchase.  That is why I stick to, and love, Higgins Eternal black and sepia.  With the ocassional Dr. Martin’s bleedproof white on dark paper, walnut ink with its beautiful shading and water color or gouache I don’t stray too far.

But . . . . . I stumbled on Noodler’s Ink and decided I needed a bottle of Dragon’s Napalm, “The ONLY sepia shading carmine in the history of inks” and the bottle sports an awesome graphic on the label.  Watch out now.

Well, I purchased the Dragon’s Napalm and Bulletproof Black.  The bottle is so full, it surprised me.  The mecurachrome-like ink in my clear dappan dish looked watery.  Oh no, seduced. 

What a surprise and delight.  I used a Brause 3mm edged dip pen on Strathmore sketch practice paper and the ink flows like magic, holds the edge beautifully and shades in the pools.  Ahhhh!

But . . . . after three days the ink still smudges.  Hmmmmm!  Is it the paper, the ink?  I wrote Noodler’s to find out and will report when I get a response.  I’m trying out the black this weekend and hoping it flows as nice and is as waterproof and lightfast as they claim.  I’ll try a better grade paper too.

There are a bunch more juicy colors that I may have to try.  Check out for very descriptive content on their philosophy and products.



One thought on “Noodler’s Ink

  1. Oh, those smudges are so scary-looking. Luckily you were just playing and didn’t jump right in to use it on something that could not be ruined. -D.

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