Literally Letters 2009


Ghost Ranch 2009h

Ink Camp 2009 – Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Driving through the Ghost Ranch gates made me appreciate all the little details that got me there.  The last time I was at Literally Letters was 2006.  I realized that I need to calendar this date for next year and work everything else around it.  What a magical experience to be with like-minded artists in such a magical landscape.  The inspiration,  new ideas and friendships will last a lifetime.  How could you not want to experience that as much as possible?

Ghost Ranch 2009aMy Books, Boxes and Cards class.  We also learned the Silent Hand style of lettering.  The other classes were Calligraphy You Can Use and Putting it All Together.  Too much fun.


4 thoughts on “Literally Letters 2009

  1. I’ve never heard of Literally Letters before, but I’ve taken a class with Carol. What is the Silent Hand style of lettering? I haven’t heard of that either.

    • Literally Letters is a yearly two week gathering of scribes at Ghost Ranch. Nancy Culmone usually hosts it and I’ve now been twice and don’t want to miss it again. The Silient Hand is a monoline based on Carol’s handwriting. It is a lovely casual hand that is great for cards and journaling. What a small world and how lucky I am to live in Caro’s city.

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