More Literally Letters

It is amazing what scribes can do with a surface and a tool.

Ghost Ranch 2009g

Bob Phillips was our host and coordinator for the first week of Literally Letters.  He is teaching “Calligraphy on the Back of a Napkin” this week.  I so wanted to stay.  But I enjoyed my time at Ghost Ranch and am itching to get to work with my new inspiration.

Ghost Ranch 2009b

We stayed up ’til midnight (or later) almost every night and worked on whatever.  I love to write on old book pages and as I got tired, stuff just rolled off my pen.  A basic Foundational hand was used this evening.


2 thoughts on “More Literally Letters

  1. It is so rare that i see a caligraphy post on here. Very refreshing i used to know someone who worked in this medium and i know that its difficult

    • There is something enchanting about letters, words, sentences and phrases that allow thought to be more permanent than the spoken word. Capturing the spoken word is another great activity. It means we are listening.

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