A Little More Literally Letters

A fascinating mix of letter styles by Carl Rohrs posted by Doug Boyd in his classroom.

Ghost Ranch 2009e

Everywhere I looked last week was talent devoted to letters, words, quotes, materials, tools and good design.  The best thing was that no matter what your calligraphy level of experience, all were gathered of one interest.  The sharing was incredible from everyone.  There wasn’t any secret recipes, secret techniques or secret agents.  I think because as varied as our own handwriting is, so is the art of calligraphy.  You can’t help but have your own style.  No matter how much you share, we will all be unique.  I’ve known, but come to understand, calligraphers are a caring group of folks .Ghost Ranch 2009c

My “Slnky Book” . . . . about 8 manhours to complete (oh no, my estimating is coming through).

Ghost Ranch 2009d

I was so nervous to write names on paper that Jan prepared with lovely callagraphic birds and flowers at our show.  She drafted me and I admit I had a blast (only one misspelled word, Anastasia).

Ghost Ranch 2009i

Our instructors, Bob Phillips (Roswell, NM), Bev Taylor (Farmington, NM), Carol Pallesen (Reno, NV) and Doug Boyd (San Diego, CA).  So much teaching talent in one location.  Thanks to you all.


3 thoughts on “A Little More Literally Letters

  1. Hey, Donna! I was searching paste papers and hit your etsy site, which led me here! what a short and direct trip. I so enjoyed sharing a table with you at Ghost Ranch and I look forward to exploring your sites and blog. Karen from Kansas

  2. Whatever you decide will be perfect. You are incredibly talented…I was inspired just sitting next to you.

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