1970’s Flashback

In gathering my muses together and consulting with them, I can’t forget some very important origins.  In the 1970’s I was obsessed with pen and ink.  I used a dip pen, Hunt 101, and bottled India Ink.  I drew from my imagination, not using a model or photo reference (but I probably should have).  My dream was to be a Childrens’ Book Illustrator.  I marveled at the illustrations of John Tenniel in Alice in Wonderland, Dale Ulrey in The Wizard of Oz and of course Arthur Rackham in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  My subjects were always fantastical and as I study these today, I love them as if they were children.1976 Girl Waving

Me and my best cat Chessa (black cat on the rock).

1976 Mermaid

Me swimming at Lake Tahoe.

1976 Twins at the Castle

My children I hoped to have.


One thought on “1970’s Flashback

  1. Oh Donna, the black and white drawings, I remember all these of drawings and even had a copy of the mermaid somewhere with all my treasured things.

    I have always LOVED your art and YOU!! Kandi

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