1980’s Glass Revival

The 80’s were full of creativity for me.  Stained glass was in full revival and I jumped in with both feet.  I got a job at Craig’s Stained Glass as a sales clerk learning how to sell glass, cut glass and ultimately design custom work for commission.  I eventually taught the evening classes and discovered how much I enjoyed teaching.  The problem for me, though, was following shop policy to “sell” as much glass to students as possible.  I’m not wired that way and left the shop to pursue my own artistic journey.

Stained glass was a passion for more than a decade.  Panels, lamps and suncatchers were always in my studio, Capricorn Glassworks.  The sun set on this craft, though, when I realized that lamps crafted in Mexico could sell in home improvement stores for half what it cost me to make in materials and time.  The quality was also half and is still evident in the lighting department of big box stores today.

But I love the process of stained glass and still have my tools, a large case of glass and a hundred pounds of lead came.  I could make a piece in a heartbeat.  Stained glass was another building block in my artistic life.  I’m also seeing a pattern of subjects.

Moon & Star

Moon & Star

One of my favorite motifs.



A winged horse of Greek legend, sprung from Medusa at her death.  A stamp of his hoof caused the fountain of the Muses, Hippocrene, on Mount Helicon, hence, he is associated with poetical inspiration.



A familiar subject.


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