1990’s Sculptural Explorations

So far all I had done was two dimensional work.  In the 90’s I picked up an Art Doll magazine and was immediately intrigued at the imaginative work being done by some amazing doll artists.  It wasn’t the porcelain baby dolls that captured me, but the dolls of fantasy and super realism.

Awhile later I discovered Sculpey clay and decided to make a Santa figure for my sister-in-law’s Christmas collection.  This craft had all the elements I love doing.  Imaginative design, working with my hands, sewing and gathering miniature accessories.  I made several figures over several years and they ended up in private collections.  I even made a Leon Coffee rodeo clown doll for a local rancher who was a personal friend of the rodeo legend.

But the sculpture muse stayed for only five or six years and receded into the shadows.

Golf Santa 072309

Commission for a family of golfers.  I also taught myself to knit with the making of his sweater.

After a Long Night 072309

My last Santa and my personal favorite.

Mario 072309

Mario the Gambler resides in my personal collection.


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