2000 Collage on Canvas

My father came from New York City to Reno, Nevada in the 1930’s.  I don’t remember what drew him here, but he loved Nevada, the desert and all things antique.  He taught me the value of handcrafted items, was probably my biggest fan and also the biggest contributor to my Multiple Muse Disorder.  He encouraged any and all artistic or crafty journeys I decided on. 

I remember him here, because I believe his love of antiques transferred to my obsession with old books, oddities, curios and photos.  I haunt antique and thrift stores looking for ephemera that speaks to me.  Just this week I joined a friend at Art Walk downtown and I just had to pop in to an antique store (the old Parkers Western Wear) just to burn some time.  But, I found cabinet photos to inspire future work. 

I began mixing these elements with calligraphy and continue today.

My Hometown 080109

Nothing like old casino shows with their crazy themed costumes.  I love this place.

Goals 080109

Sorting out the meaning of “Goals”.  When Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which way she should walk from here and he asks where she wants to go, she replies that it doesn’t matter just so long as she gets somewhere.  His remark speaks to me.  He says that it doesn’t matter then which way you go, you will get somewhere if you walk long enough.  Hmmmm……he’s right.  Should probably have a goal.

Red Thread 080109

I ran across this Chinese proverb in one of Lynn Perrella’s books and again I connected with the words as it relates to a relationship I formed with my best art pal, D.  We literally met in thin air.

Multple Muse Disorder 080109

This piece put the name to the disease, Multiple Muse Disorder.  This old photo of Tonopah’s 1932 women’s basketball team had just the right amount of muses, nine.  Glass, Calligraphy, Design, Paint, Collage, Draw, Jewelry, Golf and Textile are the muses here.  They toss me around like a ball, all in accordance with Art Mother’s plan for me.  Do I enjoy the ride?  Yes.

Dilettante: one who pursues the fine arts, literature, or science, only for amusement: an amateur.  Perhaps, but I like Tolkien’s “Not all who wander are lost.”


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