2003 Calligraphy

Back in the 1970’s I had glass pieces in a little gallery/boutique called “Norfolk, The Big Blue House on the Corner”.  At the same time there was a calligrapher also showing her work and had a small studio in the building.  Her name was Carol Hicks.  I loved her work, her cards, the fact she had a studio in such a hip place, but only met her a time or two in passing.

Fast forward to 2003.  Our wonderful Nevada Museum of Art has an array of classes of which I took drawing, watercolor painting, mixed media and all of a sudden there is a class “Italic Calligraphy, Carol Pallesen”.  There was only the one Carol I knew in Reno that was a calligrapher, but how many Carol calligraphers could there be?  And could it be the same Carol?  I signed up and when I walked into the room, I was transported back to the Big Blue House on the Corner and there she was.  I was thrilled.

I had dabbled in calligraphy, trying to teach myself.  I love pens and inks, words and quotes, letters in general.  But, I really wanted to learn from a master and I am.  I’ve taken Carol’s classes every year and have followed her into the deserts of New Mexico to learn.  She travels and shares her skills all over the United States and I am lucky to have her right in my hometown.  She is my ink mentor.

I started making images for our Christmas cards and in just a few short years have started a tradition.  My family is not very steeped in tradition, so I start one any time I can.  These are the last three years.

Painted 2006 

Jack Frost 2007

Perfect Light 2008


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