2004 Art Journals

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has an exercise called Morning Pages.  She advises to write three stream of consciousness pages each morning upon waking.  The idea is to get all the junk out of your mind for the day.  So about 2002 I started the exercises and went for a long time.  But eventually I got tired of the whiny sessions.  About 2004, I started adding snippets off memorabilia and my books eventually evolved into art journals.  Many pages are still whiny, but it is a very safe place to play, practice and pretend.  I fill a journal about once a year.  I’ve used many different books from cheap composition notebooks to watercolor paper journals, hardbound to spiral bound.  They all have their characteristics and my mission is to just fill them with musings, memories and meanderings.

Art Journal 2004

A place to ponder.

Art Journal 2006

A place to pretend.

Art Journal 2006a

A place to pour out.

Art Journal 2009

A place to practice.


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