Project 50/1 Animal Crackers in Alphabet Soup

I’m on a journey and a ride with Project 50/1.  Fifty pieces of art in one year.

I started a series here that will last another five months.  What have I done?


50 in 1 C

50 in 1 O50 in 1 R

50 in 1 E


Sharpie Art on Canvas (Converse Canvas All Stars)

Kim's Converse e

Sharpie’s 24 color set, my sister Kim and the crazy ideas that make Multiple Muse Disorder a tolerable condition brought forth these altered Converse All Stars.

My sister wore colored Converse All Stars in High School and for her 40+ birthday, this week, these were my gifts to her.  With some practical colored socks of course.

Kim's Converse b

Kim's Converse c

Kim's Converse d

Kim's Converse a

Artist’s Challenge Project 50/1

An artistic friend from high school, who made her career teaching art, contacted me and offered a chanllenge.  50 pieces of art in 1 year.  Project 50/1, on Facebook, started in August 2009.  The page has about 8 artists participating, painters, potters, collage artist, metal smith and I’m contributing lettering.

My personal challenge is 4 pieces per month plus 2.  I’m working in four piece series, which to me means I have four pieces going at the same time and finishing at the same time.  I like this process because it allows me to practice and refine as I finish.  The personal monthly deadlines also keeps me working steadily.

My media of choice is casein paint on canvas with acrylic and sharpie pen.

If you use Facebook, become a fan of Project 50/1 and see everyone work, see glimpses into studios and enjoy the process of art.

Breathe 092009-sm

Wonder 092009-sm

Believe 092009-sm

Imagine 092009-sm

This is 4/30 for me and only 46 to go.

2007 Familiar Subjects in Pencil

Our Nevada Museum of Art offers a variety of classes and when I saw a Fantasy Creature Drawing class, I had to check it out.  Taught by a full-time fantasy artist living in Reno (whose name I will fill in later) I was enthusiastic.  He left me with a great process of testing out elements to use for creatures not of our world and I use those techniques in much of my work.

The fun thing is that characters from my twenty-something imagination were still living in my fifty-something mind waiting for their turn to be recognized.  I love these guys.

Garden Dragon 100309

Garden Dragon

Mermaid 100309

Mermaid’s Daughter

Dwarf 100309

Dwarf and Thief

I think it’s true.  We never escape our imagination and all who live there.