More Sharpie Art on Converse All Stars

After Kim’s Birthday Shoes, I wanted to keep going.  So Brittany and Jack are the newest recipient of Sharpie Art on Converse All Star tennis shoes.  Sharpie’s metalic color worked awesome for rendering metal on Jack’s shoes.  OK, I still have a pair to do for me.

Thanks, Sharpie for all the great INK!!


8 thoughts on “More Sharpie Art on Converse All Stars

    • Thank you. Sharpie ink is waterproof and the first shoes are worn about twice a week. The only show of wear is on the rubber band below the canvas. It is wearing off, not bleeding. I expect they will be very sturdy.

  1. I love your converse work, but how do you keep the ink from running? I tried to use Sharpies to put a little flower on my daughter’s tennis shoes last summer, but the colors ran and the flower didn’t look so good.

  2. Your shoe art is beautiful! I was searching to see if bleeding is a problem using sharpies… My little girl wanted me to draw a flower on her white canvas tennis shoes so I naturally got my sharpies and went for the task… The ink bleeds?! Do you treat your shoes with something before you work? I’d like to see if I can make this better. What started out as a small flower has turned into a medium sized blob. Thanks for any advice.

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  4. Love! Really love! I am just writing a blog post on Sharpies and would love to include this image…I will link back to you/blog etc. Would that be ok? Thanks, Julie

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