Sharpie Art on Converse AllStars for Renee

There is something about art on your feet.  I love these and making these are a blast.  I received a request for custom sharpie art on Chuck Taylor AllStars.  I’ve posted finished art before, but here is a progression if you’re interested.

They're here!!

A list of all of her favorite things.

The blank canvas and a basket of juicy Sharpies.

Committed now!!

Sharpies and coffee.

Too bad the tongues get laced up.

Wings on her heels.

Sharpies over a dirty vokda martini.

More Sharpies and more coffee.

Sharpies over Diet Pepsi. Are these all the same note?

Sharpies over Newcastle Brown Ale.

That is a really good beer. Oh yeah, Renee likes stamps and her initials. So I combined them.

Have you tried Plungerhead Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi? Oh, yeah hearts, clock parts and guitars.

Tah Dah!!

Good bye Converse Chuck Taylor AllStars.  May you live a full existence with Renee’s favorite things covered in Sharpie ink.  Pheww, I need another cup of coffee. 

Safe and sound on their intended gallery.

Oh, and these are going on Facebook Project 50/1.


19 thoughts on “Sharpie Art on Converse AllStars for Renee

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  2. I love the progression of the shoes.
    I’ve worn them 3 days in a row now! They are going to have to pry them off my cold dead feet! My sister is so Jealous.

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  4. Wow i am a converse lover and i would seriously LOVE a pair of custom ones from you if that is possible. Please msg me via email and let me know. Thanks so much =) * crosses fingers*

  5. I love ur designs their so beautiful and creative i would love like 20 of those shoes but of course different so can u please help me out and i would pay almost anything for one pair imagine 20 so please email me some info

    Love chaneyra

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