Illustration Friday – Brave

Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page

Brave . . . . .allowing assistance when all my ideas, resources and time seems to be a captive by everyday realities takes courage.  Thank you to all my creative sisters, mentors and teachers.  My appreciation to D for the red thread, Carol for her instruction and Marti for the artistic challenges among others. 

Sounds like an acceptance speach.  Too funny!!!!


7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Brave

  1. Your work is evolving and involved. I can feel the confidence in your hand. May that brave Raven fly forever free! and what a great project this Illustration Friday is. A wonderful opportunity to work to an on-line deadline, commit, and put yourself out there. You go, Wolfie! I’m admiring and bemused from the other end of the thread. -D.

    • Thanks D~
      I suppose you can guess who you are in the story? I’m having a blast using the weekly words to drive the story. Always wondering which way it will turn, and then “blam” it’s there!! As always, I appreciate your support.

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