Illustration Friday – Expired

Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page

Expired . . . . . extinguished, exhausted, come to the end of . . . . .what?  The end of an idea, the exhaustion of an existence, the extinguishing of a light?  But a journey never halts and a memory never expires.  

Remembering our dear sister, Claudette, today.  All of your creations and manifestations continue to inspire and comfort us.


11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Expired

  1. That fox looks awfully saint-like for one who appears to have committed avicide! Beautifully designed, with echoes of illuminated manuscripts… And yes, there is something inspiring about those old book pages…

    • I appreciate your comment. I’ve continued a very loose story driven by the Illustration Friday word of the week. It is intriguing even for me. And I know what happened to the raven. Well I think I do.

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