Illustration Friday – Dip

Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page

Dip. . . . .plunge for a short time . . . . . wicks into kerosene, lips into wine, nibs into ink, roots into water, thoughts into ideas. . . . .


3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Dip

  1. Donna, you rose to the challenge admirably and this is a delightful page, full of so many ingredients. Wish I could see the actual page, for I love the quality of line that comes from the real ink, the real graphite, the real colored pencil. I especially love the crossed out “Tail”, as it is one of those commonalities that all calligraphers share! Getting ahead of one’s self. You are encouraging and inspiring me to incorporate more lettering into all kinds of things. No more excuse that I don’t have time for lettering. You should see my grocery and to-do lists! Keep up the wonderful work, -D.

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