Illustration Friday – Linked

Staedtler Fineliner, Prisma Color Pencil on Vintage Book Page

Linked . . . . .connected by association, chance or force.  Accidental links are often the most rewarding and life propelling.  Feathers & fur, friends & foes, nature & humanity are linked and hiding in the open.


5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Linked

  1. Like Pencil and paper, my favorite Artpal! This series is so much fun. I look forward to it now every week. The power of just one word is amazing. I like seeing how you are stretching and growing. As they say in French: C’est Chic!!

  2. Wow Donna. Your work is just amazing. I totally wish I could do stuff like this. I go to the ABC meetings and just blown away by all the work done.

    When I click on the image to enlarge, the link goes to a 404 saying the file couldn’t be found.

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