Illustration Friday – Fearless

Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page


Fearless . . . . . varied attributes we possess can make us feel invincible, as fragile as we all are.


3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Fearless

  1. Stand. And deliver! If we don’t at least create when we least feel like creating then we give in to our nameless fears and they swallow us, blind us, fallow us. But if we muster our courage and create in spite of the fears, then our Art is limitless, the light, the levitation.
    I am just loving this series. So many friends, including this new stinky one. Thanks for shifting my perceptions through your illustrations. I am truly enjoying looking at life through the eyes of your animals. -D.

    • D~
      Thank you for the inspirational insight to my illustration. Yes, creating itself is fearless when we sit down and “just do it”. I’m so thrilled you are enjoying my weekly musings.

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