Drawings Back Home

It’s complicated how Ivor and I are related, but never having known my natural grandparents, let’s just say he’s the only grandfather I’ve ever known.  Over the years and circumstances, we’ve exchanged Christmas cards and only talked occasionally.  And now he’s moved from the area.

But he called me recently to tell me about his  move and asked me if I’d like to have the drawings I did for him and his wife some 35 and 25 years ago.  They are original pen & ink drawings from a different era.  Of course if he couldn’t take them with him, I would love to bring them home.

Ivor, take care and enjoy your new digs. 

I look at these drawings today and they are not much different from my work now.  I guess you are who you are whoever, where ever and whenever you are.


A Brand New Wolf

Worked on a new White Wolf.  He is the new banner, avatar and alter ego for White Wolf Studio.  New website launching July 1st!!

Micron Pen, Watercolor on Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Relaxing on a grassy ledge under a full desert moon.  The view is spectacular, all is mysterious and everything is possible.

What’s On My Desk

I’m taking June off of Illustration Friday to work on portfolio pieces.  This is what’s on my desk this week.

Prismacolor Pencil on Bristol

Aesop’s The Fox and The Crow.  The fox flatters the crow into singing and he drops his cheese, which is exactly what the crafty fox intends.  Moral. . . . . “Watch out for flatterers!”