What’s On My Desk

I’m taking June off of Illustration Friday to work on portfolio pieces.  This is what’s on my desk this week.

Prismacolor Pencil on Bristol

Aesop’s The Fox and The Crow.  The fox flatters the crow into singing and he drops his cheese, which is exactly what the crafty fox intends.  Moral. . . . . “Watch out for flatterers!”


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Desk

  1. Donna, this is a gorgeous drawing. I would love to see it in the real. I just know that the computer doesn’t do it justice. Love Aesop’s fables, too. They were some of my favorite storie’s as a child. In this one, I thought the raven (crow) was tricked out of grapes. Well, maybe that’s the East Coast version! Anyway, it’s a mighty fine rendering. How large are you wworking? 11X14? -D.

  2. Hey D~
    Thanks for the comment. It is about 8 1/2 x 11 (so it fits nicely in my scanner. The Fox and the Grapes is about the fox that tries to reach them and then he grumbles away that they are probably sour anyway. Which is another one I want to do.

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