A New Series for ArtHouse Sketchbook Project 2011

Soar like a dandelion seed.

Art House CoOp – Sketchbook Project 2011 for the Brooklyn Art Library .  I let them select my theme and they sent me “Great Hopes and Massive Failures”.  But of course I had to tweak it and I will add, “Unshakable Determination” to the concept.  I used Prang Graphite, Cretacolor Pencil, General’s White Charcoal and Sharpie (the pen) on Moleskine thin, flimsy paper (the required format) with Prismacolor Workable Fixative.  I’m considering Grumbacher’s Tuffilm Final Fixative to lock it all together.  Not sure where I’m going with this, but hey, that’s half the fun.  The whole book will be on my Flicker feed (eventually)!


Red’s Dream, Arriving at Gramma’s House

A warm and sunny morning, after a pancake breakfast, a ride up a mountain road is like a lullaby.  Twisting and turning, whirring and grinding, heavy eyelids are too much to carry.  A day of dreams is only minutes.  Such an adventure……, but who is that stranger with Gramma?

Last in a series of four.  Little Red Cap as imagined by “ME”.

Red at Gramma’s Door

Red gathers the blooms and returns to the path.  Once at Gramma’s entry, she knocks and eagerly anticipates her visit.  The voice behind the door, although strangely different, gives her permission to pull the latch string and enter.  The voice is different, the garden hollyhocks are pointing and there’s a bit of second thought.  But Red’s determination dismisses all awareness.  Sometimes, even when intuition pulls our hair, we stride forward…..

Red in the Forest of Flowers

Red was to go post haste to Gramma’s house, but the forest of flowers was too tempting and she  left the path.  The delight of the beautiful flowers caused Red to pick the white and pink blooms for her grandmothers table.  Wolf also delighted in the forest of flowers and convinced Red that the crimson flowers were the most exquisite in the land.  And they were.  Red accepted Wolf’s invitation to add his personal favorites to her bouquet and wished her good fortune and good-bye. . . . . . .

Watercolor and Prismacolor Pencil on 90# Arches Hot Press Paper