Red in the Forest of Flowers

Red was to go post haste to Gramma’s house, but the forest of flowers was too tempting and she  left the path.  The delight of the beautiful flowers caused Red to pick the white and pink blooms for her grandmothers table.  Wolf also delighted in the forest of flowers and convinced Red that the crimson flowers were the most exquisite in the land.  And they were.  Red accepted Wolf’s invitation to add his personal favorites to her bouquet and wished her good fortune and good-bye. . . . . . .

Watercolor and Prismacolor Pencil on 90# Arches Hot Press Paper


5 thoughts on “Red in the Forest of Flowers

  1. I love the expression on the wolf’s face and the offering of red flowers!
    We really look forward to each and every piece – you are so talented!
    Cherie and Neil

  2. That wolf looks mighty cunning, but Red isn’t totally naive. Love that sinuous and organic border that you’ve got going on. It’s so storybook-magical!

  3. How trusting Red and Mr.Wolf look enthralled by the gorgeous flowers. I love Red’s glasses. She looks more wise and cunning than “Big Bad” MG

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