Characters to Personalities


After a few weeks of drawing, tweaking and redrawing, I have my three charachters.  Drawing on the plane, in the hotel and in my studio, I went through several versions of each.   The one that was the toughest to nail down was the woman.  Was she a witch, victorian lady, teacher or head-mistress?  When I got on the path of this bohemian, natural world modern goddess, I finally found her.  This was so much fun carving these personalities out of ink blot silhouettes.  The possibilites are certainly endless.  Now on to their environments.  Where do they live?  I have some ideas. 

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Silhouettes to Characters

The Nevada Museum of Art offered a class titled “Designing for the Entertainment Industry” which is an eight week course introducing the skills to create concept art.  Todd White, the instructor, is a local artist with experience in car design, product design, theme park design, game design, storyboard, architectural rendering….and has clients such a Disney.  He is a graduate of Art Center College of Design , Pasadena, CA.  This was an opportunity not to be missed.

The first assignment is to create silhouettes with a large black marker as quickly and and many as we can.  Select three of these silhouetttes to expand their character.  I selected these three, a kid, a beast and a woman.  Not sure yet what they will reveal, but I’m sure they will carve themselves out of my imagination.