Environments for Characters

Todd White’s class at the Nevada Museum of Art concluded this week.  So much learned and so much still to learn.  The second part of the class was creating environments for our previously designed characters to exist.  It had been quite awhile since I paid much attention to perspective drawing other than some quick visual perspective that probably wasn’t too accurate.  But the added challenge to incorporate two point perspective in my work proves to be a valuable new asset.  Now left on my own to use my new design tools, I look forward to working in a whole new way.

The vista concept of Mesa Trailer Lodge Inn & Cafe’

The mid range concept of the gypsy’s home.

The interior.

A final look at the world I created for the class.  Too  much fun!!!


8 thoughts on “Environments for Characters

  1. These are simply stunning. They oinvite you right in to see what the story is going to be about. I’ve already seen the characters so I know some of the population of this imaginery wishing world. I hope to read the book one day. Then I’ll know how it all turns out! You have really captured a “place” for your beings in only 3 small paintings. Amazing. You are a great web-spinner. -D.

  2. Your work is amazing! I too am pulled into whatever story will unfold with your illustrations. I would like to learn more about the gypsy and her world, and the cover painting alone is so inviting. Please keep us updated on your story…

  3. Donna;
    this is fantastic! I love the amount of detail in each one and what a great place you created for your 3 characters. Please keep sending your artwork to me – i can’t wait to see the next piece.

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