Textile, Meet Sculpture


Usually in the winter my Multiple Muse Disorder flares up.  The cold, short days find me curled up in my living room chair, surrounded by little dogs, thinking up things to make.  I should be in the studio working on my latest illustration, but sometimes the Muses fight and I sit back and roll with it.  Combine this with finalizing the task of organizing the lovely yarn I inherited from my beautiful sister-in-law, and strange things happen.

Leaving for Connecticut

Leaving in a square cardboard space craft and traveling 3000 land miles, the welcome must have been overwhelming and that makes me smile!

Algaelina and Roberto

Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyena

Our new SCBWI challenge, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Henderson Library Teen Lounge.

Of course I always gravitate toward animals and I got some great feedback from our Northern Nevada Illustrator’s Coordinator on how to make this a bit more scary, which is what the teens at the library want.  No “cutsie” they requested.

My first draft and an attempt to make it more “movie poster” like.  The old Fredric March version poster was my inspiriation.

Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyena.