Watercolor Illustration – Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyena

The Case of the Polluted Pool is a painting that went through a few revisions before settling on this composition.  The original  is on its way down to Henderson, Nevada for an SCBWI Illustrator’s project for the new Teen Lounge.  This piece is 22×30 and larger than I normally work, but was a really fun challenge. 

The Case of the Polluted Pool


Sharpie Illustrated Shoe Bee

Three artists sit down with bright white Converse All Star High Tops, a slug of Sharpie markers and good conversation.  Like women of the past, we sat and conversed, worked on a common project, exchanged ideas, learned from each other and filled an evening with art.  I’ve never participated in a quilting bee, but I think this is what it feels like.

Thank you to our hostess for opening up her home and preparing yummy corn chowder, quesadillas and wine.

This could be habit forming!!