Watercolor Illustration – Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyena

The Case of the Polluted Pool is a painting that went through a few revisions before settling on this composition.  The original  is on its way down to Henderson, Nevada for an SCBWI Illustrator’s project for the new Teen Lounge.  This piece is 22×30 and larger than I normally work, but was a really fun challenge. 

The Case of the Polluted Pool


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Illustration – Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyena

  1. Hey Wolfie! This pic has so much movement in it. And Action, too. An excellent composition. Love the shadowy elements of the birds and the Baobob trees. There is defintitely a story here, all on the one 22×30 sheet. Fantastic fur work, too.

    • I hope there will be a quick second of thought when viewing the painting. The hyena should grab them, but hopefully the jackal’s tears and the pollution will make them stop.

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

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