Illustration Friday – Toy

My sister gave me this Troll Doll many years ago and its presence is always in my studio.  I love toys from the past.  When I was a kid the Troll Doll was all the rage.  Big ones, little ones, miniature ones, we all had them.  Now they show up in antique stores….”no way”…

This sketch is a part of the Insomniacs Sketch Society March 2011 project.  All my sketches so far are here.


10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Toy

  1. Donna; So Cute! my sister and I had a little collection of these as well! All kinds of different colored hair. Antiques?! No Way!!!

    • Remember those giant trolls? When we were in Folsom antiquing they had the bride and groom ones outside on the sidewalk. This little one has “hot pink” hair. I think my favorite one as a kid had white hair (and no clothes).

      • I still have a collection too. One of my favorites is a matching big and little one with blue hair, sequined pink outfits and gold thongs (I’m missing a thong and it’s very upsettng…ha). My daughter had a troll about an inch long she took everywhere called “Lil’ Troll Bay” because she couldn’t say baby. We lost it during a move and thought it was the end of the world. The troll miraculously showed up in the back of the moving van when we opened the door to check on our stuff. What a rejoicing moment…like losing and finding one of the family…Ha…:)

  2. Oh my. My parents never would let me have one of these and I wanted one so bad. Just like I wished I could have a boy’s ring and wear angora all around it! And rat my hair and wear eyeliner out to there and pale pink or orange frosted lipsticks. Alas, by the time I was old enough to do those things they were quite passe. I believe these little trolls did make a comeback though!

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