One World, Many Stories Art Show

Here is a brief video of the opening of the Cultural Month Show at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, NV.

I’m really proud to be a participant from afar.  To see what else Think Art is up to, check out the website here.


The Heart of a Monkey

Project completed for the Green Valley Library, One World Many Stories.

Pen and ink with watercolor.  The borders are carved eraser stamps to replicate traditional Swahili Kangha cloth.

Monkey’s Invitation – “Beware of generous offers.”

Monkey’s Realization – “Life’s journey requires wit.”

Monkey’s Explanation – “Keep your heart safe.”

A crocodile craves a monkey’s heart.  He devises a plan to offer a trip to the monkey.  “I will take you to the mango tree so you can feast on something wonderful besides your everyday figs.”  The monkey decides this would be a great idea.  Half way on their journey, the crocodile reveals that he will not take him to the mango tree, but have monkey’s heart.  The monkey replies, “That would be fine except I left my heart in the fig tree for safe keeping.  If you return me to my tree, I will go get it for you.”  Of course once in the tree, the monkey does not return and crocodile was fooled.  

I’m looking forward to more black and white work in my next projects.