1860 Anna in the Tree Swing

Anna is Liza’s real life daughter and she was our model last evening.  Liza tailored this incredible period dress for Anna and our costume coordinator brought in the rope to throw over the light fixtures to simulate a swing.  I went back to watercolor for this class.  As much as I want to work more with gouache, I decided this is not the right place to “learn” a medium.  One class left of this session.




Liza in 1859 Plantation Dress in Gouache

I signed up for four more classes at the Nevada Museum of Art costume open studio.  This week, Liza is dressed in a plantation dress in a beautiful burnt orange color.  It was great to walk in and see this wonderful color.  I used gouache instead of watercolor.  I’m trying to get deeper more saturated color in my work and gouache will do that for me.  So I’m off on a new painting technique.