Liza in 1859 Plantation Dress in Gouache

I signed up for four more classes at the Nevada Museum of Art costume open studio.  This week, Liza is dressed in a plantation dress in a beautiful burnt orange color.  It was great to walk in and see this wonderful color.  I used gouache instead of watercolor.  I’m trying to get deeper more saturated color in my work and gouache will do that for me.  So I’m off on a new painting technique.




5 thoughts on “Liza in 1859 Plantation Dress in Gouache

  1. Donna;
    You never cease to amaze me.You stretch the boundaries but at the same time using your classical talents!

    OMG Wonderful.
    How do you get to be a model? Can you sketch/paint individuals?

    You are awesome! Smart/talented/creative and so much more…

  2. This is so great! You’re right about the brilliant vermillion color, it’s so vibrant and uplifting. I can imagine how happy it must have made you to walk in and see this striking woman in her orange outfit. Wow! It’s a wonder she could sit so quietly for the class. That dress would have made me feel like dancing. I wish I could join you for that class and coffee-conversation afterwards. -D.

  3. It is my favorite dress and I feel amazing wearing. As far as sitting quietly, well, I have a 16 month old at home as well as two other children, so having a chance to sit quietly was a gift. Donna, now that I see the finished product, it doesn’t look Asian anymore 🙂 Beautiful work. And, I can see the little spool of thread, too. I would love it if you sent me the high res scans of me and Anna. Thank you 🙂

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