1860 Anna in the Tree Swing

Anna is Liza’s real life daughter and she was our model last evening.  Liza tailored this incredible period dress for Anna and our costume coordinator brought in the rope to throw over the light fixtures to simulate a swing.  I went back to watercolor for this class.  As much as I want to work more with gouache, I decided this is not the right place to “learn” a medium.  One class left of this session.




9 thoughts on “1860 Anna in the Tree Swing

  1. Beautiful job. How lovely that you imagined in the background. It certainly set the scene nicely. Also, it’s so great that you get the picture of your work AND the model in at the same time. So much more informative for us voyeurs. They did a Wonderful job of staging this session for you.
    Really lovely. You have quite a variety now, which has put you through some paces. -D.

  2. my sweet sis, reminds me of you when you were young with your long, brown, shiny, hair. it’s so wondertful to watch your many talents evolve thru the years. your something else!! love, BIG SIS

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