Watercolors on My Lunch Hour

I’ve got a new mini mint tin palette, I’m trying to use up some collected blank sketchbooks and my new confidence to sketch on location from Laure Ferlita’s workshop brings me to this first page.

I love Nevada Fine Arts.  Not for the wide selection (although I seem to always find what I want), not for the convenient location to me (they are downtown), but for a place to go hang out and support a local business.  They’ve been in business since 1969 and this is a fairly new location.  This building used to be a furniture store, a bank, an antique store and now Reno’s only independent art supply store.

I drew the image with a ball point pen from my parked car and added watercolor and ink later.  The paper is Aquabee’s Super Deluxe 6×9 93# Artist Grade and it says “Double sized to accept wet media”, which it does, but not without some minor buckling.  I’ll continue to work in this book for my lunch time escapes.


One thought on “Watercolors on My Lunch Hour

  1. What a fabulous page in your sketchbook! I’ve found when using watercolors a couple of times in a different sketchbook or two that each and every page has quite a bit of buckling. Still, I sometimes don’t mind that effect in the sketchbooks.

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