Watercolor and Ink “The Jackal and the Spring”

"Water is life."

This is Multiply Muse Disorder’s 100th post!!  The affliction is alive and well.

Continuing my folktale illustrations, I chose to work out “The Jackal and the Spring”.  These images tell the story about the animals getting together to dig a new well to feed their dried up watering hole.  Everyone pitches in except the jackal.  But when the water flows freely, he is there to drink.  Until an unlikey guard sends him on his way.

I feel sorry for the jackal in a way.  That is probably because I adore canines of all species.

Again I was inspired by traditional African kangha cloth that has elaborate borders, sometimes scenes within the borders and a little text box. Similar to “The Heart of a Monkey”.

"Hard work yields reward."

Watercolor and ink on Arches 140# watercolor paper with carved stamp borders.

"Laziness will not serve you."

Higgins Eternal black ink on Arches 140# watercolore paper with carved stamp borders.

"The might of the unlikely."


4 thoughts on “Watercolor and Ink “The Jackal and the Spring”

  1. Donna, I’ve loved your work ever since I saw it on the $10 for a small painting blog for the animal rescue work from the oil spill. (Yes, I’ve already forgotten the name, even though I sold two pieces on the site myself!) I’m so happy to own one of your pieces myself and these illustrations are pure magic!

  2. Donna, once again you work your magic with the animals and bring them to life in a remarkable and wonderful way. Your love for creatures really shows in your work and it is splendid. This, I think, is your real strength. -D.

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