Inside a Crooked House

There was a crooked artist who every crooked day,

Walked a crooked path to a crooked room to play.

To awake a crooked brain (4 am’s a crooked time)

A crooked cuppa coffee helped these crooked words to rhyme!

Enter, and on your left is a place to spread out and play, look out the window and make art.

The eastern exposure is my favorite. So lovely to sit and daydream, read, or make art.

On the south wall is a place to snack, make a beverage, cut flowers or make art here too.

When you come back, you get start where you left off.  So go out and make art.

If you stand in the middle and spin around.

If you come upon a crooked house…….go on in and play.


6 thoughts on “Inside a Crooked House

  1. I love your crooked house, both inside and out! There is so much to see here, I’m sure I would see something new each time I looked. I love the dog in the chair, the cat on the table, and all the animals waiting for your return. Wish I could join you in your crooked house (but not at 4 am!).

  2. Wow! Just beautiful! I love your style and your careful arrangement of amazing and fun details. The grayscale is charming and your contrasts are terrific. Wonderful series!

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