Last Sharpie Art of 2010

According to my WordPress stats, my most popular posts and searches are for Sharpie Art on Converse Allstar shoes.

These William Morris inspired kicks are the last ones for 2010 and I sincerely hope the feet they belong to are walking in color right into 2011!


Kitt the Border Collie in Pencil

My friend Marla asked me to draw her 2nd Border Collie in pencil.  It had been awhile since I’ve done a pet portrait, but I like it.

Graphite Pencil on Strathmore Paper

Sharpie Art on Converse AllStars for Renee

There is something about art on your feet.  I love these and making these are a blast.  I received a request for custom sharpie art on Chuck Taylor AllStars.  I’ve posted finished art before, but here is a progression if you’re interested.

They're here!!

A list of all of her favorite things.

The blank canvas and a basket of juicy Sharpies.

Committed now!!

Sharpies and coffee.

Too bad the tongues get laced up.

Wings on her heels.

Sharpies over a dirty vokda martini.

More Sharpies and more coffee.

Sharpies over Diet Pepsi. Are these all the same note?

Sharpies over Newcastle Brown Ale.

That is a really good beer. Oh yeah, Renee likes stamps and her initials. So I combined them.

Have you tried Plungerhead Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi? Oh, yeah hearts, clock parts and guitars.

Tah Dah!!

Good bye Converse Chuck Taylor AllStars.  May you live a full existence with Renee’s favorite things covered in Sharpie ink.  Pheww, I need another cup of coffee. 

Safe and sound on their intended gallery.

Oh, and these are going on Facebook Project 50/1.