Watercolor Travel Journal – An Imaginary Trip to Paris

Laure Ferlita is the mastermind behind Imaginary Trips.  If you want to improve your on-location sketching and painting or you just want to paint along on a really fun trip, check out Laure’s workshops.  For many years I’ve taken paper and paint with me on trips and sometimes I’d paint and sometimes not.  I believe in Laure’s workshop I improved my confidence to sketch and paint wherever I’m at.  This workshop uses reference that Laure provides and Google Street View.  I also had fun with Google Translate.  She includes video so you can see her paint too.

I bound my paintings into a book.  Click any image to enlarge.

Decorative paper covers and bound with a Coptic stitch.

 My hand marbled paper.


The cafe on the right was found using Google Street View.  Google allows derivative use of their images.

Painted the boats on the right without drawing, just went right to paint. 




I filled a water brush with Higgins Eternal ink.  This ink is permanent, but not waterproof.  When used with water, this ink makes lovely watercolor black and greys.



 It’s fun to have the work bound and feels like I really went to Paris.  Of course I have a vivid imagination too.


Painted Tyvek Japanese Book

Tyvek Japanese Book 052609Tyvek is a vapor barrier house wrap used in construction.  It is also used to make those sturdy white mailing envelopes.  One day, someone thought to paint it and use it as an art ground.  This five hole, side bound, Japanese style binding is made with acrylic painted Tyvek laminated in three layers.  The other side is painted as well.  It is a durable material as a cover on it’s own.  The colors are vibrant and lots of techniques can be done on this paper.  I am sure I will play with this again.