Illustration Friday – Toy

My sister gave me this Troll Doll many years ago and its presence is always in my studio.  I love toys from the past.  When I was a kid the Troll Doll was all the rage.  Big ones, little ones, miniature ones, we all had them.  Now they show up in antique stores….”no way”…

This sketch is a part of the Insomniacs Sketch Society March 2011 project.  All my sketches so far are here.


Illustrator Showcase

I’m thrilled to be a featured illustrator for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, Nevada.  The exhibit will be up for three to four months.


Thank you to the SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator-South for inviting me to show my work and represent the organization.

Watercolor Illustration – Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyena

The Case of the Polluted Pool is a painting that went through a few revisions before settling on this composition.  The original  is on its way down to Henderson, Nevada for an SCBWI Illustrator’s project for the new Teen Lounge.  This piece is 22×30 and larger than I normally work, but was a really fun challenge. 

The Case of the Polluted Pool

Back to the Drawing Board

Back to work on the newest SCBWI Nevada Illustrator’s project.

A bit of work yet to do, but I like the hyena.  This piece will be a 22×30 full piece of watercolor paper.  Big paper, big brushes, big detail and a huge challenge!!

Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyena

Our new SCBWI challenge, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Henderson Library Teen Lounge.

Of course I always gravitate toward animals and I got some great feedback from our Northern Nevada Illustrator’s Coordinator on how to make this a bit more scary, which is what the teens at the library want.  No “cutsie” they requested.

My first draft and an attempt to make it more “movie poster” like.  The old Fredric March version poster was my inspiriation.

Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyena.

Environments for Characters

Todd White’s class at the Nevada Museum of Art concluded this week.  So much learned and so much still to learn.  The second part of the class was creating environments for our previously designed characters to exist.  It had been quite awhile since I paid much attention to perspective drawing other than some quick visual perspective that probably wasn’t too accurate.  But the added challenge to incorporate two point perspective in my work proves to be a valuable new asset.  Now left on my own to use my new design tools, I look forward to working in a whole new way.

The vista concept of Mesa Trailer Lodge Inn & Cafe’

The mid range concept of the gypsy’s home.

The interior.

A final look at the world I created for the class.  Too  much fun!!!