Inside a Crooked House

There was a crooked artist who every crooked day,

Walked a crooked path to a crooked room to play.

To awake a crooked brain (4 am’s a crooked time)

A crooked cuppa coffee helped these crooked words to rhyme!

Enter, and on your left is a place to spread out and play, look out the window and make art.

The eastern exposure is my favorite. So lovely to sit and daydream, read, or make art.

On the south wall is a place to snack, make a beverage, cut flowers or make art here too.

When you come back, you get start where you left off.  So go out and make art.

If you stand in the middle and spin around.

If you come upon a crooked house…….go on in and play.


There was a Crooked House

This is a crooked house from photo reference of a real playhouse.  I would love one of these in my backyard as a little hangout.  It inspired this little “Donna’s Weird Studio Rhymes”.

There was a crooked house that had a crooked stair,

Upon its crooked porch there sat a crooked chair,

On nearby crooked table a crooked sketchbook lay,

So any crooked artist could escape their crooked day.

Pitt Brush Pens on Moleskine sketchbook paper.

Illustration Friday – Toy

My sister gave me this Troll Doll many years ago and its presence is always in my studio.  I love toys from the past.  When I was a kid the Troll Doll was all the rage.  Big ones, little ones, miniature ones, we all had them.  Now they show up in antique stores….”no way”…

This sketch is a part of the Insomniacs Sketch Society March 2011 project.  All my sketches so far are here.

A New Series for ArtHouse Sketchbook Project 2011

Soar like a dandelion seed.

Art House CoOp – Sketchbook Project 2011 for the Brooklyn Art Library .  I let them select my theme and they sent me “Great Hopes and Massive Failures”.  But of course I had to tweak it and I will add, “Unshakable Determination” to the concept.  I used Prang Graphite, Cretacolor Pencil, General’s White Charcoal and Sharpie (the pen) on Moleskine thin, flimsy paper (the required format) with Prismacolor Workable Fixative.  I’m considering Grumbacher’s Tuffilm Final Fixative to lock it all together.  Not sure where I’m going with this, but hey, that’s half the fun.  The whole book will be on my Flicker feed (eventually)!