Piper’s Page

Piper Short Stockings

Ok, so now I’m the middle child.  “Get Back JoJo” got here January 2, 2010.  So to start my new year we have a new boy.  Oh, brother, oh bother.

I like this picture of me and my mom.  This was agility kindergarten graduation.  Top award in class clown.

Piper and Donna -sm 090209

Piper in Tunnel 0709

I started my agility classes and I really like climbing on things, going over things and going through things.

Piper and Jazz 0709My sister Jazz is tolerant of me.  I get to do almost anything.

Introducing Miss Piper Short Stockings, Scottish Terrier, born January 8, 2009, Bell Canyon, California


I was going to be a show girl in LA, but I found a family in Nevada who is taking me to Circus School (Agility Classes).  My clowning around should be entertaining and challenging for my new humans.  I’ll keep you posted.


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