Crocheted Aquarium

I’m still in wintery, textile creating mode (sitting in the cold evenings curled up with thread, hook, instructions, little dogs and homemade lattes).  I’ve crocheted some pretty kitschy things in my life and some pretty cool stuff too.  I really like these creatures from the sea by Jessica Polka.  Her work and patterns can be found at her Wunderkammer shop.

Since I’ve lived in the desert all my life, the ocean and its inhabitants always fascinate me.  Check out the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Smithsonian Institute for some serious crochet.


Art on a Greeting Card

A new run of blank greeting cards are featured on my etsy shoppe, .  The material is layers of Pelikan Plaka casien paint on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.  Painted on both sides, cut down to reveal the jewels and ground for the calligraphy.  I used Dr. Martins Bleed-Proof White, Higgins Eternal Black, Copper Acrylic and Bronze Acrylic.  I learned this technique from Carol Pallesen’s class, Casual Caps and Colorful Cards.  I’ve been making them since.


Card Envelope Example 111409

There is nothing better than sitting down to pen someone you care about a personal note.  Receiving that note in a sea of bills and junk mail is a delight.