Inside a Crooked House

There was a crooked artist who every crooked day,

Walked a crooked path to a crooked room to play.

To awake a crooked brain (4 am’s a crooked time)

A crooked cuppa coffee helped these crooked words to rhyme!

Enter, and on your left is a place to spread out and play, look out the window and make art.

The eastern exposure is my favorite. So lovely to sit and daydream, read, or make art.

On the south wall is a place to snack, make a beverage, cut flowers or make art here too.

When you come back, you get start where you left off.  So go out and make art.

If you stand in the middle and spin around.

If you come upon a crooked house…….go on in and play.


There was a Crooked House

This is a crooked house from photo reference of a real playhouse.  I would love one of these in my backyard as a little hangout.  It inspired this little “Donna’s Weird Studio Rhymes”.

There was a crooked house that had a crooked stair,

Upon its crooked porch there sat a crooked chair,

On nearby crooked table a crooked sketchbook lay,

So any crooked artist could escape their crooked day.

Pitt Brush Pens on Moleskine sketchbook paper.

Harris Hawk Pencil Studies

I’m off and running on my SCBWI Mentor Program assignments.  I’m so excited and fortunate to be working with Deborah Nourse Lattimore. At our Tahoe Retreat one-on-one, me and Deborah set up some assignments for the next six months.  Get to know three animals really well with a pencil.  Here is the first.

It just so happens that the Illustration Friday Prompt is “sight”.

Illustration Friday – Journey

This image is a preliminary study in ink for a story called The Heart of the Monkey.  The crocodile coaxed a monkey on a journey to a mango tree.  Midway in the journey, the  monkey realizes the crocodile is after his heart.  Now the monkey’s life depends on his quick thinking.

Below is a graphic journey of decisions to reach this point.

Illustration Friday – Equipment

Sharpie (the pen), Prismacolor Pencil, Graphite on Vintage Book Page

Equipment . . . . . extensions of our hearts, minds and hands.  Some things are as essential as the air we breathe.

Illustration Friday – Fearless

Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page


Fearless . . . . . varied attributes we possess can make us feel invincible, as fragile as we all are.