A New Series for ArtHouse Sketchbook Project 2011

Soar like a dandelion seed.

Art House CoOp – Sketchbook Project 2011 for the Brooklyn Art Library .  I let them select my theme and they sent me “Great Hopes and Massive Failures”.  But of course I had to tweak it and I will add, “Unshakable Determination” to the concept.  I used Prang Graphite, Cretacolor Pencil, General’s White Charcoal and Sharpie (the pen) on Moleskine thin, flimsy paper (the required format) with Prismacolor Workable Fixative.  I’m considering Grumbacher’s Tuffilm Final Fixative to lock it all together.  Not sure where I’m going with this, but hey, that’s half the fun.  The whole book will be on my Flicker feed (eventually)!