A Place to Create 360 Degrees

A place to ponder, play, procrastinate…..yep, getting in the groove to paint. 

I really want to learn more about PhotoShop, so I dabbled in stitching photos together.  Obviously, I need more practice with lighting.  But I can see a use for this.

A place to draw.

 A place to digitize.

Ok, enough.  Back to work!!


Red’s Dream

The drive is long to Gramma’s house and a sunny nap takes Red on her adventure.  But wait, who is that with Gramma?

My spin on the end or the continuation of the story. 

Click the image for a larger view.

Little Red Cap at the Gramma’s Door

Continuing her mission to bring her grandmother wine, cake and her ill-advised flowers, Red is boldly entering the cottage.  Even though her intuition tells her something is amiss, the hollyhocks are pointing, a shadow is looming and Gramma’s voice sounds oddly different, Red isn’t listening.

Other progress sketches at White Wolf Studio Art.

Three More Pebbles Tossed Into Ripple Sketches

It’s so great to hear that the well is almost killed, the oil is nearly gone and the waters are slowly reopening.  But as great as that news is, I’m not sure anything is over, especially the restoration of the marine life on the land and in the sea.

I tossed three more pebbles into Kelly Light’s Ripple Sketch project.  She is so busy with the project, that these particular images will not be up for a time, but check out the site for some awesome illustrations by other artists.  Ripple Sketches  For a $10 donation to one of her chosen foundations, an artist sketch card will be mailed to you with thanks.

Gulf Gull-Enquirer


Gulf Gull – Herald

Gulf Gull – Reporter