Renee’s Sharpie Art All Stars Spend a Week in Paris

I received this great photograph from a friend who had such wonderful ideas for her Sharpie Art Converse All Stars.  It’s been two years since we made them and they still look great.  They even made it to Paris this Fall. I’m so jealous!!

The post of of how they were made is my most popular viewed article.  Check it out here.


Sharpie Illustrated Shoe Bee

Three artists sit down with bright white Converse All Star High Tops, a slug of Sharpie markers and good conversation.  Like women of the past, we sat and conversed, worked on a common project, exchanged ideas, learned from each other and filled an evening with art.  I’ve never participated in a quilting bee, but I think this is what it feels like.

Thank you to our hostess for opening up her home and preparing yummy corn chowder, quesadillas and wine.

This could be habit forming!!

Last Sharpie Art of 2010

According to my WordPress stats, my most popular posts and searches are for Sharpie Art on Converse Allstar shoes.

These William Morris inspired kicks are the last ones for 2010 and I sincerely hope the feet they belong to are walking in color right into 2011!

Silhouettes to Characters

The Nevada Museum of Art offered a class titled “Designing for the Entertainment Industry” which is an eight week course introducing the skills to create concept art.  Todd White, the instructor, is a local artist with experience in car design, product design, theme park design, game design, storyboard, architectural rendering….and has clients such a Disney.  He is a graduate of Art Center College of Design , Pasadena, CA.  This was an opportunity not to be missed.

The first assignment is to create silhouettes with a large black marker as quickly and and many as we can.  Select three of these silhouetttes to expand their character.  I selected these three, a kid, a beast and a woman.  Not sure yet what they will reveal, but I’m sure they will carve themselves out of my imagination.

Illustration Friday-Muddy

Still absorbing all the great illustration podcasts and resources while the world is rotating around me.       

Sharpie (the pen), Staedtler Fineliner, Prismacolor Pencil on Vintage Book Page

Illustration Friday – Focused

Submission for Illustration Friday, .  This weeks topic, focused.  A few things came together last week.  I stopped in to the book store to get the 2010 Illustrators Market Guide and in an impulse buy, I picked up Holly DeWolf’s book Breaking Into Freelance Illustration.  She mentions, among other great resources, podcasts.  I stumbled on Thomas James’ Escape from Illustration Island,  and listened to all 19 podcasts last week.  His EFII site is great and he challenges illustrators to submit all four weeks in February.  My synchronistic last week brings me here.